Who we are?

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We unworthy the world’s structure: crisis, social exclusion, inequality, climate change, racism, violence, gender discrimination, belief or sexual orientation, educational elitism, neoliberalism, political liars and corrupted bankers … The objective of Joves d’Esquerra Verda, youth referent of ICV with 20 years of history and heir to the Joventut Comunista de Catalunya and the Joventut Socialista Unificada is participate and decide to transform.

The social and political context is undergoing major changes with the governments of the right in Catalonia and Spain and the dominance of neoliberal policies in Europe. The obsession with deficit and the indiscriminate cuts associated with it are increasing inequalities. Is being imposed, even with violence, that the poor pay for the crisis and the rich come out unscathed, maintaining the high society on the power while the social basis pays for their mistakes, it is a crisis that attacks the weakest social classes and reduce the social rights of the workers.
Attacks against citizens, against the majority, are continuous, relentless, and painful: labor reform to generalize the free dismissal, cuts in public services especially traumatic in health and education, laws that cause setbacks in women’s rights or committed for nuclear energy and the same model of speculative economy that has led us to the crisis, among other factors.

As JEV we build the capacity to participate in the response that is articulated against social cuts and setbacks, we must project our objectives outwards and incorporate as much as possible those voices that, like us, believe that there are alternatives to the policy of cuts and destruction of the welfare state. The resignation will make the rich and the people from top winning the battle, while we need hope through the action in the street and the institutions.

We understand, however, that the crisis is global and is beyond the current financial crisis, which also has many faces and many expressions. In the background is still a systemic crisis, the crisis of capitalism and the expression of this in neoliberal globalization. Thus, the struggle is needed in our home and around the world, so we have to be able to articulate a discourse that meets the dual global and local dimension of the crisis. Small local changes, overall great ideas.

We need to draw a speech that allows us to raise real alternatives to the system, and also more and better partnerships with those sectors who share the path of these alternatives and hope. In short, we must strengthen our foot on the street to retrieve lost alliances, strengthen those partnerships we have and weaving new ones. We realize that we cannot deal with neoliberal policies alone, but we also know that we are not alone, and that is why we must seek such involvement on the street. We need to be part of the demonstrations and whom raises alternatives, with whom we should be fighting for payment in kind, who wants a GM-free area, who want a truly democratic university that ensures equal access and equity, who defends public services and with quality or are against nuclear power.